John Musto                            Composer/Pianist

Dissertations and Theses

An Examination of Vocal Music by John Musto

An Examination of John Musto's Improvisation and Fugue for Piano

A Performer's Guide to John Musto's Penelope: A Cycle of Seven Songs for Soprano and Piano  

An Analytic Study of John Musto's Encounters for Tenor and Orchestra  

Exploring Volpone by John Musto and Mark Campbell  

Beyond the Libretto: How the Composer Guides the Creation of Character, Three Case Studies

An Analysis and Performance Manual of John Musto's Chamber Music for Baritone:

River Songs (2002) and The Brief Light (2010)  

A Performer's Guide to John Musto's Song Cycle Quiet Songs  

A Performer's Examination of John Musto's Shadow of the Blues and Recuerdo  

Shadow of the Blues and Dove Sta Amore: Selected Songs of John Musto  

The Influences of American Popular Music on Twentieth-Century American Song and Chamber Music  

The New American Song: A Catalogue of Published Songs by 25 Living American Composers